_______________ / /_/ \_\ \ |----|_ ODST _|----| \ \_\___________/_/ / Mountain Tale Begins -------------------- Inspired by great games such as Super Meat Boy, Celeste, Cave Story, Undertale and Lucah: Born of a dream, I have chosen to undertake a personal project. More of an art project than a serious commercial project...
So over the last week, I have worked on MountainTale. Currently it isn't in a state that can be released publicly, although I did release a very early build of the game on for anybody interested in it. The current design vision is to achieve the following. - Good platformer very similar to Celeste and Super Meat Boy in how it plays - Floaty yet precise controls - Each area having its own "Gimmick" that makes it interesting and shakes up the formula on how to play it. - The levels should be hard. - The areas should be paced well, such to tell a story using each area and to tell a story as the difficulty increases over time, such to propose a proportional challenge to the player. - Extra content like hard mode(dark mode?) levels and the like to give hardcore players more challenge. - A narrative story about depression, anxiety, death, dreams and nightmares. This will mainly be able to extend from my own real life experiences with depression, anxiety, death, dreams and nightmares. In fact, one such example is of a nightmare where I hung myself- though that's a pretty personal dream. I hope you're interested in following this project as I continue developing on it. It's worth noting that this will be taking place as a part time venture, mainly because I am also studying for computer science in University. The roadmap for the next month is as follows: - Sound effects - Dialogue system for narrative in place - Continue learning music theory so I can make some bangin' chiptunes - Implement some of the mechanical systems I have jotted down - Add a wall sliding animation - Seperate dash and jump buttons so more advanced combinations can be made - The basic first area map jotted down and put into its proper room structure My thanks for reading so far, live and drink friends. I'm off to get some root beeeeeer. P.S. In addition to this, I have decided to pause development on RoguePy. You can play RoguePy by checking it out on My Games, but it is a fairly simple and uninteresting roguelike that doesn't do much interesting. References: Music currently used: Cyrstal Cave by Alex Smith
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