_______________ / /_/ \_\ \ |----|_ ODST _|----| \ \_\___________/_/ / Mountain Tale Development: Dialogue and Music theory -------------------------- I have continued to work on MountainTale, though my progress has slowed down a bit because I've spent time outside of Game Development to do some other things I'm interested in. Lets discuss the changes to MountainTale I've made. The 1st notable change is the introduction of Dialogue. I have set up Dialogue so it can handle several cases I will likely observe during creating the narrative of the game. The first case is the player talking where the picture box will be on the left. The second case is NPCs talking where the picture box will be on the right. The pictures are set up so they can correlate roughly with the emotions of each character in their facial reactions. I haven't done too much with this power but it should be very useful once I come to developing the narrative in the game. I have also spent some time to learn a piece of software called PXTone, an awesome piece of software for making chptune music in. I am still learning how to make music tastefully by studying music theory. I have made some cool-ish chiptunes over the last 2 weeks. This should allow me to make pretty focused chiptunes for the experience I want to make. Finally, lets discuss what else I've been up to. The first is just playing games which is just awesome because I've struggled to just relax and play games like I have in the past. Specifically Minecraft. I have to say, for all the bad rep Minecraft has gotten in the last few years, it is still a solid sandbox experience. I have also been doing other more general programming in my spare time, since game development is still more of a hobby that I just do in my spare time outside of University. I recently made a bash script to convert plain text files in a specific format into valid HTML so I can compile multiple markdown recipe files into valid HTML. This will probably eventually be uploaded to this site later on when I get time. Next up on my development plan is to work out a decent chiptune for the main menu or first area, and to add more sprites for the first area. Generally to begin working on the first area of the game, mainly because I intend on making this a short, freeware and focused gameplay experience.
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