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[27/03/2020] Coronavirus and plans for the next several months

[06/01/2020] New Year, Game Dev stuff

[14/12/2019] History of RisingThumb (PART II)

[11/12/2019] Blog comments

[05/12/2019] Dream ramblings Part 1

[01/12/2019] Java Woes

[29/11/2019] The Programmer's Creed

[26/11/2019] GUIDE: Pointers made simple

[24/11/2019] Principles I generally adhere to

[24/11/2019] Running lots of commands from a file with bash

[15/11/2019] A brief look at Movies and Disney

[13/11/2019] History of RisingThumb (PART I)

[09/11/2019] Importance of backups and data hoarding

[07/11/2019] A discussion on testing

[04/11/2019] How to ask a programming question

[03/11/2019] MountainTale Devlog #0

[03/11/2019] Neocities Blog Uploader

[23/09/2019] Wired Silence, A short Bitsy game, and what I have been doing the last month

[28/08/2019] Blog is fully operational

[28/08/2019] Cool new blog!

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