[29/11/2019] The Programmer's Creed

A creed is a system of beliefs or faiths. Below is my personal creed for programming. You may have a different one. This is the one I follow.

Languages are the weapons of the programmers.
Programs are the bullets of the programmers.
Master your Language as you master your life,
and your programs will strike true.
As a rifle is used at range, and a shotgun is used in CQC;
Languages must be used for their purpose.
I will write true.

Understanding your requirements, is to understand what your bullets must strike.
Understanding your language, is to understand your effective tool.
Each part of a program, is like each part of a rifle,
each part must be clean and readable.
Each part must follow structure and fit together within the whole.
Each part must be cleaned and maintained, to prevent the bullets jamming.
Each part must be tinkered and understood, to improve the rate of fire.
I will write efficient.

Understanding the computer, is to understand the terrain of war.
Bad understanding, leads to bad usage of language.
Bad understanding, leads to improper program writing.
Bad understanding, leads to your program failing.
I must write how a computer reads.
I must read how a computer reads.
I will write for computers.

Frameworks, expectations, idiomatic programming,
All are bad to rely on fully.
You place faith on their code being good, or the best for the situation.
To blindly accept them, is to accept code will become bad.
Don't let your code become bad. Clean them. Clean each part.
I will clean my code.

Simplicity is supreme excellence.
Coding is itself engineering.
Don't overengineer a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
I will write code that is actually needed.

I will write my code true and full.
I will write my code well and tested.
I will write my code efficient and clean.
Without good code I am useless. Without me, my code is useless.
I am a programmer. I must master my code as I master my life.
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