[05/12/2019] Dream ramblings Part 1

As I'm currently heavily occupied with University Coursework, the recent release of Halo Master Chief Collection, Advent of Code 2019, and the UTC Clan Christmas Party, I have chosen to let this blog take a back seat for this month. So for this month, I will choose to write selected texts from my Dream Journal to this blog.


Written on 19th March 2019.

19th. Before I got sleep I had a memory of one uncomforting dream I had a few months ago: Alone in a bed, pitch black. I cannot see anything. I attempt to reach for the light but my body is almost completely paralysed. The door to my room is open and beyond in the darkness I feel a strong ominous feeling, like someone was watching me with malicious intent. I was able to slowly slump onto the floor and try reaching towards the light. I woke up at this point.

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