[06/01/2020] New Year, Game Dev stuff

This blog post will cover my general plan for this year, as well as where I am currently with game development.

My plan this year, is to complete and pass my 2nd year of Software Engineering at University. During the summer, I will likely be spending a lot of my free time focused on learning game development, gaming or writing. I hope to get into writing and start writing at some point in this year, but that's more of a random goal. I already write in these blog posts, and they are alright. They've not been... exceptional, nor have they been too interesting or uninteresting. Some of them have definitely been weird, but that's probably more because of how I think and how I write- especially when given the space and freedom to do so.

On another note for this year, I have a few smaller goals in mind. The first is to establish a few small habits. As I struggle a bit with focusing, and self-discipline, I think that small habits will release a lot of the problems from these. The first habit is just a matter of hygiene, which I've been getting better at over the last few years, but it's to take out the trash much more often. The second habit is to just start brushing my teeth every day without exception. For some reason in 2017 I stopped brushing my teeth every day, and it became more of a thing I'd do like once a week which is just frankly unacceptable if I want a higher quality of life. The other habit is to start drinking purely water more often and actively avoiding soda and caffeine as they bring about a plague of problems. In short, trash cleanup, teeth brushing, and avoiding soda. I'd also like to create a more consistent sleep schedule, but as it is currently is acceptable, as it doesn't go into all nighters or anything like that.

The next couple of weeks will see me with exams for my first semester of 2nd year of university. Hopefully these should go well, especially seeing as they are closed book exams(no resources like books or notes allowed). We will see.

As for game development. I have come to the conclusion that I will cease development on MountainTale for the time being. The workflow I created for it is simply unmanageable, and the codebase is actually relatively uncoupled, but it's still more coupled than I would like. The process for making new levels and the process for adding art I find to be genuinely unenjoyable, and while I made a fair bit of it, I will probably just stop. I will probably upload both an executable of the game, a video of it's current state as well as a video explaining the engine and source code and finally release the source code with all assets included, for those who want to build on or use the engine I have made for free(probably under MIT License or GNUv2)

So with the above being stated about MountainTale, what is my plan moving forward? Well, my first priority currently is exams. I have been looking at and learning the Godot game engine as it fits a lot of my needs and requirements. An engine that supports development on both windows and linux platforms(without being utterly broken on Linux). An engine that is easy to get done what I want done(GDScript like Python which I have a fair bit of experience with already), and of course,

Thanks everyone for reading this blog post. Hopefully, you'll join me for the new year-- no, new DECADE! Also, feel free to add me to your RSS Feeds scrapers or whatever with the information on the home page!

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