[23/09/2019] Wired Silence, A short Bitsy game, and what I have been doing the last month

I made a short Bitsy game called Wired Silence. It's very short playtime(about 5 minutes), and is purely narratively focused, with pretty much no gameplay. It's more of an expression of my state of mind, than it is a game about anything meaningful, but if you find meaning in it, I'm happy! You can play it within your browser here! Mind you, there's some autoplaying music I made, so lower your volume if you don't want to blast it to everyone. Here's your link to play it now.

What's most notable about this game, is that it's a pretty dark, existential outlook on life, motivation and meaning in life, that provides my own answer to life's meaning(as I currently see it). I made it in about 6 hours(Honestly, less time as I was away for half of that), which goes to show the potential of Bitsy as a probably useful prototyping tool for people who want to prototype simplistic narrative stories to see if they are engaging in the medium of games. I might use the engine more in future, as it seems very powerful for such a small package, at least for narrative games. It provides 3 different colours for each colour pallete, which you set each room. You can also go lower level and modify how the game is constructed, if you want to be able to do more than what the engine provides you the ability to do, which is great! I didn't really look into that though, I just included my music in the HTML for the game.

As for the rest of the month? I have finished a video I started earlier in the summer, that was consuming about 160GB of storage space because of the silly level of quality I recorded my footage at(60FPS 1080p! haha, the costs for quality!). It's a video that goes briefly over the history of Counter-Strike. I learnt a lot of things from uploading it, a lot is inspired by Ahoy's documentaries on games and guns(not a bad inspiration since his level of quality is impeccable compared to my own work). Doing this, I learnt a lot more about how to make more dynamic videos, how to record higher quality audio(as well as the importance of subtitles because my voice is pretty jarring and difficult to understand at times) as well as how to structure a very nicely done video, though I did uncover that my greatest weakness here, is my overuse of full-black transitions, lack of title cards in some areas, and that it's drawn out like crime documentary/murder mystery(Thanks everyone who gave me useful feedback!). In future videos, I plan to adjust for these, and adopt my own style to be more distinctive.

In other notes, I have been working on a game of mine, currently titled "Virtues Industries". The irony being the lack of virtues in the industry. It's intended to be a multiplayer survival horror game. Yes I'm well aware that multiplayer makes things much harder, though I plan to adjust for this, by making it closer to 3 pieces of media I have been consuming a lot of recently. The movie "ALIENS" by James Cameron, and the game "SPACE BEAST TERROR FRIGHT" by Nornware, as well as the game "TELEGLITCH" by Test3 Projects. I don't want to make a clone of these experiences, though I do want to mimic their game feel to create a tense atmosphere. You know what, enjoy a juicy gif:

Final notes. My 2nd stage of Software Engineering at University starts this week, so making pretty much anything is likely to slow down. I do hope to produce a playable alpha of Virtues Industries by the start of next Year... but NO PROMISES! :P

Many thanks for reading to the end of this blog post! I still don't know if I will do this as a monthly, weekly or bi-monthly thing. I suppose the best answer might just be, I'll post a new blog whenever I feel a blog post is deserved? Adieu kamrades!

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