[03/11/2019] MountainTale Devlog #0

Firstly, some forewording on what the point of this Devlog is. It's a way for me to vent my frustrations with game development, talk about what I enjoy with it, talk about what I dislike with it. It will also be a way for me to talk about the game in more depth and explain the different systems, mechanics and arts in the game. For EXAMPLE!!!

The above is an example of Static. In MountainTale, the universe is set inside Ris-OS, but not everything is right with this OS. My key inspirations for this are actually pretty numerous, Cave Story, Hollow Knight, Celeste, Fez. My intention is try and make a compelling game from different elements that I enjoyed out of all these games. The most notable you'll probably notice is that my mechanic leans heavily on Celeste's Dash, and... yes that's true. I do lean heavily on inspiration from that, but I'm hoping not to make it a copy. If it's a copy, I haven't done anything interesting and I've failed my MORAL, PHILOSOPHICAL, and ARTISTIC duty as a hobby game developer.

So since last time, I've generalised a lot of my systems. I've generalised the Cinematic system to be easier for me to write short ingame cinematics. I've also generalised my dialogue system a lot, in a way that I feel should be "Easy enough" to allow for localisation in the future if I ever get that far with this game. My current intention with the game's development is to get a DEMO out and ready for playing by the end of December. If I haven't... I'll be sad. You'll be sad. We'll all be sad :*(. I feel like the below video maybe demonstrates what I've worked on? Maybe...

If you're interested in following the development of this game, feel free to sign-up for a mailing list here. I'm new to this marketting stuff, and I'm the only guy working on this game in my spare time alongside University Studies. It's my dream to one day maybe be self-employed within the games industry, but knowing the odds that's a steep hill to climb. Only time will tell I suppose.

So my plan for these Devlogs is ONCE A WEEK, probably every Saturday Night. We'll see if I do that though, I have this awful tendency to just forget these sorts of things, and just crack on with the game development.

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