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:: Minecraft ::

I have played a lot of Minecraft, and from it I have made a lot of friends and learnt a lot of things. It's the foundation behind why I made some Minecraft mods in Java, maps and resource packs. I still play it to this day with my friends in the Yegscast, as well as the clan I belong to called UTC. I don't play it as much as I once did, however I do attribute some of problem solving skills to learing about Command blocks in 1.8 and prior versions.

:: Trouble in Terrorist Town ::

I mainly play this with my friends in the Yegscast. I have made a huge collection of TTT addons you can use to play with the same addons as the Yegscast. This features many Traitor weapons, Detective items and maps. Some addons may have to be manually disabled, as I rarely directly remove addons. You can get this collection here.

:: Terraria ::

I really enjoy this game. It's a 2D platformer with an absolutely fantastic progression system, superior even to Minecraft. I have set up a teleporter array on my main world, as well as some farms for getting items. I will eventually post my main world as a download here.

:: Counter Strike: Global Offensive ::

I used to play this game competitively. Sometimes still do. Rank is usually either unranked or hovering between Gold Nova 1 and Gold Nova Master. I usually just play with friends. I don't trade stuff in CSGO anymore.

Clans and Groups

:: Voltigeurs ::

Voltigeurs is a very small clan of close-knit international friends I have known for a very long time. I play CSGO, Risk of Rain and a few other games with them on occasion. It's generally inactive because a lot of its members don't share the same games, timezones and because of real-life.

:: UNKNOWN [?] Trading Company ::

The UNKOWN [?] Trading Company(UTC) originates from the UNKNOWN[?] Clan. Their common game is MineZ(A server in Minecraft). In it, we execute missions with significant organization(typically superior to opponent clans) with the intention of trading items in the south at a cheap price. Some of its members play other games such as CS:GO, TF2 and Red Orchestra 2; though there is no effort to migrate to these games currently. This group typically plays games to win. Below is a selection of resources for more information on the clan:

They also release a weekly newspaper about events within the clan.

:: The Yegscast ::

A group of real-life friends who play TTT and Minecraft once a week usually. A lot of us share computer-science related interests. This group typically doesn't play games to win, just to have fun.

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